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Explore a library of educational resources about RNA interference (RNAi), the science behind Alnylam's FDA-approved products and clinical pipeline, and find out more about our small interfering RNA (siRNA) delivery platforms.

Ribosome making disease-causing protein with mRNA
Ribosome making disease-causing protein with mRNA

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The Science of RNAi

An overview of RNA interference therapy and RISC-mediated RNA cleavage.

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RNAi Therapeutics: How Do They Work?

This video highlights the MOA of RNAi therapeutics, and how small interfering RNA (siRNA) short oligonucleotides are used to harness the RNA-induced silencing complex (RISC) to silence gene expression. This resource is intended to be viewed in its entirety to support scientific exchange and is not intended as recommendations for clinical practice. For further information, please see to connect with a Medical Science Liaison, submit a medical information request, or access other Alnylam medical education resources.

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Publication Date

Dec 2, 2020


Nucleic Acids Res.


Brown CR, Gupta S, Qin J et al. 

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